EV Charging Stations Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Tesla Supercharger Locations

If you are looking for EV Charging Stations in Lake Tahoe, the search just got easier. Driving your electric vehicle from the Bay Area to Lake Tahoe, now comes with less anxiety. California wants to put 1.5 million zero emission vehicles on the roads by 2025 and is committed to expanding the network of charging stations across northern California. A combination of new Tesla superchargers installed in Truckee and California's Drive the Arc program means that EV drivers can easily locate charging stations to make their trip from surf to ski!

Six Tesla superchargers were  installed behind the Safeway Supermarket at 11200 Donner Pass Road.  From Sacramento, drivers can easily reach Truckee on one charge.

The Tesla superchargers provide a 50% battery charge in just 20 minutes. A 30-minute charge allows one to drive a range of 170 miles. Now visitors can charge their cars while shopping, prior to leaving Truckee on their trip back to the Bay Area.  Click here to see the current map of Tesla Supercharger locations.

Drive the Arc

Drive the Arc Charging Locations

Short for Advanced Recharging Corridor, Drive the Arc is a program funded by NEDO, Japan'sment’s research and development arm in joint effort with the US and California. This $20 million project improves energy conservation and strengthen relations between U.S. and Japan. Japanese companies Nissan Motor and Kanematsu are also leading the project.

The program encourages electric vehicle (EV) use and will help California meet higher energy and environmental standards. It utilizes a combination of expanding inter-city charging networks with real-time information services via an app.

Drive The Arc installed a corridor of electric vehicle (EV) fast charging stations spanning from Monterey to Lake Tahoe.  The network, which is free to EV drivers with a smart phone app and a common charger is an international, public-private collaboration aimed at supporting the spread of zero emission vehicles.

The network of charging stations from Monterey and the Bay Area to South Lake Tahoe and Truckee encourages longer and more frequent trips to Lake Tahoe with EVs. Download the Drive the ARC app.

For those of us who live in Truckee and Lake Tahoe, conservation is key to maintaining our beautiful corridor. We are excited to see California take the initiative to make driving an electric vehicle to Lake Tahoe stress free. If you are thinking of buying or selling a home in Lake Tahoe contact me today!