Mountain Modern Architecture

Many people are using their mountain home in Lake Tahoe for more than just one or two weekends a year. The migration of remote workers to the Truckee and Tahoe area has begun to influence a change in architecture and interior design.

In the past, the architectural style sought to capture the rugged mountain cabin of historical Lake Tahoe. Today, the trend is toward Mountain Modern, which blends rustic elements with the clean lines of contemporary architecture.

Along with an emphasis on indoor/outdoor living spaces, many people are converting unused bedrooms and even garage areas into a home office. Using rustic materials like timber and stone, the homes blend into the surrounding landscape with larger windows that bring the outdoors inside.

Indoor/Outdoor Design

An appreciation for the surrounding landscape is becoming more important when designing a home at Lake Tahoe. However, the lines now allow for a flowing transition between the indoor and outdoor setting. The trend is moving away from the weightiness of dark and bold timber toward more subtle shades and elements that appear to melt into the surrounding landscape.

Indoor/outdoor living spaces are utilizing bi-fold doors and oversized sliders that open out into the expansive views. Outdoor cooking and living areas are becoming more popular, with the creative use of fire pits.

Natural Light

Mountain Modern designs incorporate floor to ceiling and expansive windows to capture natural light and alpine views. Custom homes allow one to match the design to the surrounding landscape. By angling the home, one can maximize views and allow the light to filter into the home from different perspectives.

This use of natural lighting is actually a great way of getting more Vitamin D and to regulate circadian rhythms in healthier ways. Additionally, a home that incorporates the natural features of the landscape invites daily inspiration indoors.

Home Office

Utilizing a dedicated work space has become important whether vacationing with family or living in your mountain home full-time. Along with great access to internet, the office needs to be designed in a way that energizes and inspires.

Bigger screens, professional audio and organizational storage solutions can make the workspace comfortable and professional. A clean workspace with modern conveniences also uses natural materials, but composed in a way that the office becomes a palette for creativity.

Warmer Designs

By blending a warm and cozy feel with sleek and subdued elements, the Mountain Modern home is more like a sanctuary rather than an imposing and ostentatious caricature of a cabin. Soft fabrics, and warmer tones are used with a splash of color and subtle design elements.

Carefully chosen artwork can carry the sleek design in whimsical ways throughout the interior. Rather than bold or antique furniture, more modern designs make the home comfortable and inviting.

Eco Friendly

Finally, people are choosing to live and work in Lake Tahoe because of an appreciation of the environment. Choosing materials like solar panels and reclaimed or repurposed wood ensures sustainability.

Mountain Modern homes are designed with geo-thermal energy and many designs are moving away from gas to electric or using hydronic heating. The thermal efficiency of hydronic heating is 90%, compared to forced air, which has a thermal efficiency below 50%. 

Homeowners want to enjoy their mountain home in a more practical way that allows them to enjoy the unique mountain lifestyle.

Below are two examples of homes currently for sale in Truckee, designed with Mountain Modern architecture.

Martis Camp

Home for sale Martis Camp

Schaffer’s Mill

home for sale Schaffer's Mill

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