Lake Tahoe SnowFest 2024

woman under lights in snow

This year will mark the 42nd annual SnowFest celebration in North Lake Tahoe, and will take place from February 29th through March 10th, 2024.

History of SnowFest

The original story behind this winter celebration was based on the legend that Old Man Winter froze the lake year-round. Miners from the Comstock gold mines of Virginia City were brought up to Lake Tahoe and the warmth of their lamps returned the seasons.

In the SnowFest parade, you will still find locals dressed like the old miners with soot on their faces. Old Man Winter also joins the festivities. This year, there will be two parades: one in Tahoe City and one in Kings Beach.

SnowFest Today

Today’s Snowfest celebration began in the early 1980’s as way of encouraging a longer ski period at Lake Tahoe. Prior to SnowFest, skiers visited Lake Tahoe between the months of December and February. They missed out on the amazing snowpack of March and the pleasant spring skiing of April and May.

The mission of SnowFest was to promote Tahoe’s incredible weather and skiing early in March. It also encourages tourism to the area at a traditionally off-season time of the year. Called a ‘Mountain Mardi Gras,’ locals dress in funny costumes and their parade entries have become iconic. From the snow-shoveling brigade to floats that capture Lake Tahoe beaches in summer, the parade is very entertaining.

The 70 family friendly events include a torchlight parade, laser show and fireworks, parades, pancake breakfasts, concerts, bar parties, ski races, dog and pet events, and an ice-cream eating contest. There is also a luau, Mardi Gras party, ice carving, a polar bear swim and much more. It is truly an opportunity to go out and play with friends, neighbors and visitors.

Join the Festivities!

You can visit this page for more information about how to march in the parade. Whether you want to march with your pet, create a marching theme with friends, or design an entertaining float, you will need to sign up in advance.

SnowFest provides a venue for fundraising and educational events for many of the area non-profit organizations. By 2021, they had become a 501c3 and had raised over $250,000 for local nonprofit and student organizations.

Additionally, many local artisans and restaurants participate in this mountain festival. It was named one of the Top 100 Events in the United States by the American Business Association, and the Top 10 Events in California by the California Department of Tourism.

You can find more information about Snowfest 2024 here.

Lake Tahoe offers endless opportunities for social and community events along with its world-class outdoor adventures. Contact me today for more information about buying or selling your home at Lake Tahoe.