New Resort Triangle Bike Trail

Bikers on trail

The countdown to the completion of the Resort Triangle Trail has begun. This trail will connect Truckee, Martis Valley, Kings Beach, North Lake Tahoe and Olympic Valley and it hit a milestone with the grand opening of the Truckee to Northstar portion. This 4.6-mile portion runs from the Northstar Drive roundabout, through Martis Valley and Schaffer Mill Road all the way to Truckee, ending near Donner Truckee Veterinary Hospital.

In the last several years, Placer County approved funding to complete this trail. Funding will come from the area’s transient occupancy tax. These funds will allow them to develop a paved trail for bikes and pedestrians that will encircle the entire North basin of Lake Tahoe and Truckee.

According to Placer Country Parks Administrator, the trail will cost roughly $3 million per mile. The Resort Triangle Trail is a 62-mile trail and is part of the California Federal Lands Access Program, called FLAP. This program will enhance wildlife wetlands and provide recreational amenities around Placer County.

“Residents and visitors are drawn to Eastern Placer County by its natural beauty and the region’s unique and historical attractions,” said Board Chair and District 5 Supervisor Cindy Gustafson. “The funds raised through tourism are vital to both the local economy and the quality of life. Our transient occupancy tax program is essential to fund projects and programs that both visitors and local residents can use. These projects improve the environment, provide capacity for the demands on our region, while supporting innovation and collaboration.”   

Connecting Communities

Eventually this new Truckee to Northstar trail will connect up with an existing trail, which runs south of Squaw Valley Road to Tahoe City. When complete, it will connect all of the Truckee River corridor between Truckee and Tahoe City. The corridor is an outstanding recreational resource, enjoyed by paddlers, campers, hikers, anglers, bicyclists, and cross-country skiers.

When complete, the trail will maximize safety for trail users, and will be paved and separated from highways and roads.. They also plan to develop a trail from the Northstar Drive roundabout into the Village at Northstar.

Avoiding 267, this trail will link to North Lake Tahoe, connecting with trails from the North Tahoe Regional Park, near Kings Beach. The trail will continue to Dollar Point and into Tahoe City by way of existing and new trails.

Honoring the Washoe Tribe

Officials worked closely with Washoe Tribe members to understand their rich history and concerns about preserving their culture. The trail will incorporate kiosks to tell a story of their long history in the Lake Tahoe Basin.

The new trail system will move bicycle traffic from major highways onto newly paved trails. Lake Tahoe is home to many recreational enthusiasts. This new trail is expected to also eliminate the need to drive to the different destinations around the lake.

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